Comfort Dentistry

Have you ever been nervous to get dental work done? Do you or one of your loved ones suffer from severe anxiety surrounding dentists or medical procedures?

Millions of people experience the same fear when faced with going to a dental office, so the good news is that you’re not alone. The best news is that there are multiple ways we can help. You can keep your teeth healthy without having to persevere through emotional or physical stress in the process.

Nitrous Oxide

The medical use of Nitrous Oxide has been popular since the late 1800s. Nitrous, also known as laughing gas, serves as a sedative and anxiolytic while you get your work done.

This sedation will relax your muscles, easing the stress right out of them. Relaxation is particularly helpful for those with tight jaws or a powerful gag reflex. With reduced anxiety and de-stressed muscles, your dental appointment can become a pleasant, comfortable experience.

Not only that, but the effects of Nitrous wear off very quickly with no residual side-effects. You’ll be able to drive yourself home right after your appointment. No need for the long-lasting grogginess of general anesthesia.

Single Tooth Anesthesia

Dental research has come a long way, even in just the past few years. Single Tooth Anesthesia is one of those advances that dramatically improves the dental experience for people all over the world.

It is, in fact, possible to numb very specific portions of the mouth, rather than large swathes of it. If the syringe is inserted properly, even a single tooth can be numbed. No chipmunk cheeks or fat tongues. Unfortunately, though, this technique is extremely difficult, and requires a great deal of precision, when done by hand.

Good news! It doesn’t have to be done by hand. The trick to making this method easy and widely available is computerized targeting. With the specificity of computer programming, and the feedback from pressure-sensitive sensors, we can work on your mouth with more precision and efficiency than ever before.

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Don’t let anxiety or stress stop you from getting and staying healthy. We want you to have a comfortable and satisfying dental experience. Between our friendly office environment and our state-of-the-art methods, Timeless Smiles will work with all of your needs, so give us a call today.