Cosmetic Dentistry

Few things catch the eye quite as quickly or dramatically as a brilliant smile. All the great charmers had that little extra something going for them. It’s completely natural for the rest of us to wonder how we can get that little something for ourselves.

You’re in luck. Here at Timeless Smiles, we’ve got a number of procedures that will bring all of those dazzling smile options right to you.


In general terms, a veneer is a layer of material placed over top of something else in order to both protect it and give it a finished look. Dental veneers do that as well, but for your teeth.

A thin layer of dental porcelain is placed overtop your natural teeth, giving them that polished look you’ve always wanted.

There are several great benefits to veneers.

  • They are color-adaptable.
  • They cover minor gaps and snaggles.
  • They strengthen areas with weak enamel.
  • They are long-lasting.


We use Zoom! Whitening products. This professional grade gel, along with the patented Zoom! light, gives you visible results, and it gives them to you fast. The Zoom! light is designed to actually speed up the whitening process, so that you spend less time in the chair, and more time flashing that bright, new smile of yours around town.


Do your teeth need a little adjustment? Have you found the time investment and semi-permanence of wire braces too daunting, or just not right for your needs?

ClearCorrect could be the answer. These transparent aligners do all of the shifting, straightening, and adjusting of traditional braces without several of the drawbacks.

  • ClearCorrect requires no regular adjustments.
  • The aligners are completely removable.
  • You can exercise and socialize while wearing them.
  • They take about half the time.

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For more information on these and any of our other cosmetic treatments, head over to our services page, or just give us a direct call. We’re happy to answer any of your questions.