Say goodbye to gooey dental impressions!

Here at, Timeless Smiles, we are always striving to keep up on the latest technology. If you are a person who dislikes those messy and uncomfortable impressions then we are excited to tell you that those are a thing of the past at our office! Our dental office is now equipped with advanced scanning technology, so we can take digital impressions of your teeth. If you need a new crown, then your tooth preparation can be digitally scanned to create a 3-D impression. Its the same with night guards! And if you have dental implants, then we can digitally scan them when creating your implant-supported restorations.

Here are some advantages for patients with the use of the scanner:
1. More Comfortable
2. Improved dentist and patient communication
3. Better quality impressions and restorations

Your mouth is scanned with the radiation-free, LED scanner in as little as 10 minutes, renders a digitally perfect, 3-D impression of the teeth and soft tissue structures. Through this digital software, patients are then able to follow the progress of the scans including a three-dimensional model of their teeth on the computer screen.