Dentures carry a stigma, and it’s true that old-fashioned dentures from centuries ago were fraught with problems. Luckily for you, there’s great news! This is no longer the case. Modern dentures are comfortable, durable, natural-looking, and come in a wide variety of shapes and attachment options.

Traditional Dentures

These dentures are a full set of removable false teeth. Yes, exactly like the ones you just imagined. Unlike many traditional stigmas about dentures, however, these teeth will be perfectly crafted to fit your mouth as though they were your own.

Denture adhesives are better than ever before. The precision of dental design is spectacular. Between all of this, your set of traditional dentures will do anything but make you look foolish. You’ll be able to eat properly, pronounce your words more clearly, and flash a healthy, beautiful smile once again.

Partial Dentures

Not all denture procedures revolve around a full mouth of lost teeth. Partial dentures work much like a retainer. They will contain series of replacement teeth, which will slide into the gaps in your mouth.

Just as with a full set of traditional dentures, these replacement teeth will be individually designed to fit you and your dental needs.

Implant-supported Dentures

In the same way a dental implant replaces a single missing tooth, implanted dentures can replace many missing teeth. Both partial and full dentures can be attached in this way, and they can be made either permanent or removable. With implant supports, the options are plentiful.

Many of these implant procedures use the dentures on four method, where four implant posts are placed in different corners of the mouth. From these secure bases, the denture apparatus can be either permanently or removably mounted.

This style of denture are securely attached directly to your mouth, with no chance of falling out, getting lost, or getting left behind. And, they are easy to care for! The permanent style only requires the same kind of maintenance that your natural teeth always did, and the removable implant-supported dentures are cared for in the same way as traditional dentures.

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