National Patient Safety Awareness Week

Categories: Oral Health

In honor of National Patient Safety Awareness Week, we’d like to share with you some of the ways we keep our patients safe!

Digital X-rays

Here at Timeless Smiles digital x-rays have been a part of our practice for years. Digital x-rays can use up to 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays, provide a clearer quality image for diagnosis and eliminate the harmful chemicals necessary to develop traditional films.

Lead apron and thyroid collar

A lead apron is used to shield patients and help reduce the smaller dose of radiation that digital x-rays put out. A thyroid collar is a special extra piece that is designed specifically to protect the thyroid. It is additional peace of mind to protect our patients and make them feel more comfortable.

Personal Protective Equipment (P.P.E.)

At Timeless Smiles, using gloves, masks and eye protection for both the patient and technician is always standard practice! We take pride in keeping our operatories thoroughly disinfected and utilize P.P.E. to keep the patient, doctor and staff safe.


All of our metal instruments are sterilized in a steam autoclave (which we have two!)
Any temperature sensitive equipment or items are scrubbed and put in a high level disinfectant sterilization solution.

Closed water system

Have you ever been told not to drink out of the garden hose? That is because bacteria builds up in the water as it sits in the hose line. Here at Timeless Smiles, we utilize a closed water system which keeps the water disinfected and our equipment lines clear of harmful bacteria!

As always we appreciate and love all of our patients and always want to keep them safe and well educated! These are just a few way that our office does that!!! 🙂