Avoiding “Brace Face” With Clear Aligner Therapy

What is the advantage of using no metal? When you want a table saw or a skyscraper, not much. You need metal for a sturdy structure. But the same is not true for your dental health. When it comes to your teeth and gums, the less metal in your mouth, the better—especially if you’re going to have an appliance on your teeth for six months or longer.

That’s why when we recommend you get your teeth straightened, we offer clear aligner therapy. Clear aligners don’t have any metal wires or brackets! Instead, they are made of state-of-the-art material that is gentle on your gums, lips, and tongue.

How Does ClearCorrect Straighten Teeth?

The ClearCorrect system uses a series of clear aligners to gently push your teeth into perfect shape. That’s right; instead of just a single set of braces, we will design a progression of differently shaped aligners that will gradually encourage your teeth into better positions.

During your initial consultation, we’ll find out if your teeth are ready for ClearCorrect. Then, we’ll make a 3D map of your teeth and jaw, translating this into a straightening plan with ClearCorrect software. We’ll give you an estimate of the length of the whole process.

During treatment, you’ll simply wear your current aligners at all times except eating and cleaning. Then, you’ll swap to the next aligners in the series about every 1–2 weeks. We’ll also check on your progress at periodic appointments.

The Advantages of Avoiding Metal

Clear aligner therapy is gentle on your teeth and gums, causing less discomfort than traditional braces, but still giving you fast, amazing results.

Here are some other advantages that clear aligners have over metal braces:

  • More Comfortable: We can move your teeth more gradually with clear aligners, because we’re swapping between aligners rather than attaching metal braces to your teeth. That means the whole process will feel more comfortable for you.
  • Discrete: Metal braces gleam; they catch the light; they push the lips forward; they get in the way. The clear material in ClearCorrect is hard to see and stays out of your way, whether you’re at work, out with friends, or in school.
  • Smooth: A lot of patients using traditional braces have had their gums and lips damaged by the metal brackets. This can even leave scars. In contrast, ClearCorrect uses a smooth material and has no sharp edges!
  • Easy to Clean: Metal braces have many nooks where food can get trapped. ClearCorrect aligners, though, are easy to keep clean, and they make it easy to keep your teeth clean! You take them out to eat and brush your teeth. Then, you can pop them out in an instant after you’ve cleaned them off.

Many of our patients have found ClearCorrect to conveniently fit into their normal life routine. They don’t have to eat different foods or create new routines. You’ll be able to eat what you like and continue the activities you enjoy. Plus, you might have straighter teeth more quickly than you expect; some patients are finished in as little as six months.

What Can ClearCorrect Treat?

ClearCorrect is used for certain orthodontic challenges. It’s especially helpful if you (or a family member) want to avoid metal braces, which would disrupt your work or school schedule—especially when braces might take years to complete.

In your first ClearCorrect consultation at Timeless Smiles, we’ll assess the issues you’re facing. ClearCorrect is ideal for treating:

  • Overbites.
  • Underbites.
  • Crowded teeth.
  • Gaps.
  • Turned or crooked teeth.
  • Out-of-place single teeth.

There are some complicated types of bite issues and misalignments that ClearCorrect was not designed to treat. If you have one of those, we’ll work on a different solution for you. But many cases of crooked teeth are easily treatable with ClearCorrect.

Have Your Teeth Straightened Quickly at Timeless Smiles

Would you love to have straighter teeth or a better bite? Hold onto your final goal, and call us at Timeless Smiles! We can help teens who are busy with school and sports. We can treat adults who need to avoid visible braces. We may even be able to complete checkups remotely for added safety and convenience. Call about ClearCorrect for a friendly consultation.