Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. This month-long national health observance brings together thousands of dedicated dental professionals, healthcare providers, and educators to promote the benefits of good oral health to children, their parents, and caregivers.

It is a special month at our office, a time to celebrate all the children that bring smiles to us. We are very dedicated to the dental health of these special patients. Our entire staff engages with the children to make each visit informative and fun.

A child’s dental health is an important part of their development and growth. A child’s first visit to the dentist is a milestone to be included in their baby book! The visit should be around the baby’s first birthday. Drs. Cohen and Schlesinger will examine to make sure their teeth and jaws are devolving properly. This first visit is to acquaint the child with the dentist and an opportunity for the parents to ask questions and seek advice on topics such as such as teething, thumb sucking, diet and the proper way to clean their child’s teeth.

This first visit should be scheduled at a time the child is well rested. It should not be scheduled at their normal nap time. Also, they should have eaten as not to be hungry. This first experience should be happy. If the child becomes upset, we will work with the parents to calm the child.

After the first visit, subsequent visits should be every six months for exams and cleanings. These visits are very positive and fun for the child.

Our hygienists will let the child be a part of the visit by introducing and allowing the child to touch the various instruments to be used. The visit is interactive and informative. Our hygienists strive to teach the skills needed for the children to have a lifetime of healthy smiles. They review proper brushing and flossing techniques at every visit. Children leave the appointment with goodie bags filled with the proper toothbrush, toothpaste and floss and flossers that were discussed at the appointment. And of course, all the fun prizes and stickers and balloons that make the visit special! And since this is Children’s Dental Health Month our patients will be given special automatic toothbrush and a chance to win our special movie ticket basket!

But not only are we dedicated to caring for our patients, Dr. Cohen and our hygienist Anna visit the JJC to teach the preschoolers all about the dentist and proper brushing and invite their kindergarten class to visit our office for a morning of fun and show and tell pretend dental visits! They have been sharing Children’s Dental Health Month with the JCC for 20 years!

Our hygienist Sue also teaches the value of good dental health during Children’s Dental Health Month to many pre-k classes throughout Springfield and Drexel Hill. She has been sharing her time teaching the children for many years.

Our office also hosts Give Kids a Smile Day every spring to help bring excellent dental care to children in need. Our staff is dedicated to making this a special day for all those involved!

Children dental health is important to all of us! We are happy to educate and work with children so they may have a lifetime of healthy and timeless smiles!!