Everything You Need to Know About Oral Piercings

These days it seems as if many people are choosing mouth jewelry to follow trends or as a way to express their selves. Although it may look cool and fun, there can be a lot of heath issues that come with having these types of piercings.

Here is a list of some of the risks that can occur with having oral piercings.

  • Infection
    Our mouths contain bacteria, which can mean an oral piercing carries the risk for infection at the site of piercing. Food particles that collect around piercings are breeding grounds for bacteria as well.
  • Prolonged Bleeding
    If there is damage to your tongues blood vessels.
  • Swelling
    If your tongue swells too much if could block your airways!
  • Nerve damage
    In some cases, people may have nerve damage. It could be temporary or permanent but either way, your tongue may feel numb and your sense of taste could change.
  • Difficulty eating and speaking
    Hoops, rings, barbells and studs can get in the way of your ability to talk and eat.
  • Damage to teeth and gums!
    Lip rings and tongue rings rub against the gums and teeth. Over time this can cause the gums to pull away from the teeth and leave the root of the tooth exposed. Or sometimes people may bite down on the barbells or play with the jewelry in their mouths. This can cause teeth to crack!
  • Disease transmission
    If piercing instruments are not properly sterilized, they can carry viruses such as hepatitis.
  • Dental xrays
    The mouth jewelry can interfere with the xrays that we take.

Bottom line…
When thinking about getting any oral piercings, think about the added responsibility it could cause to your life. The piercing site will need constant upkeep and attention! Are the risks worth it to you?

If you already have an oral piercing and have any concerns or questions, please call our office at: