High Technology in the Dental Office

One reason to schedule an appointment at Timeless Smiles is that we use state-of-the-art technology to give you outstanding dental services.

We want you to be comfortable during your treatment and happy with the outcome. That’s why we continually study cutting-edge equipment and practice with it. Some of our favorite technologies include:

1. Digital Impressions

Years ago, we had to take dental impressions by pressing patients’ teeth into a messy material. This was unpleasant for patients, plus, sometimes it took several tries to get right.

Now, we use 3D scanning technology to create a digital model of your teeth in our computers. When you need a crown, night guard, or another appliance, we can customize it using this model, making them more comfortable and effective than ever.

The scanner doesn’t use x-rays or other radiation, except for visible light. The scanner also doesn’t touch your teeth. In about 10 minutes, the scan will create an impression of your teeth and soft tissues, which you’ll see on the screen in front of you.

2. Sedation Dentistry

We want to help you feel comfortable, relaxed, and pain-free during any service—and even beforehand. If you have had high dental anxiety or pain before, just let us know. We can offer:

  • Laughing Gas: This is a very popular service that has been used for centuries to give patients feelings of relaxation and even euphoria. It disappears from your system within minutes after a service.
  • Single-Tooth Anesthesia: We can limit numbness to very small areas, such as a single tooth. We use computer-assisted targeting and sensors to make anesthesia as precise as possible.

You can ask for “comfort dentistry” before any service. Don’t let past pain or anxiety stop you from having clean teeth and a happy smile.

3. Digital X-Rays

Traditional x-rays were captured on photographic film, which was then taken into another room to be developed. Dentists had to use much more radiation to ensure film exposure.

Now, though, we use a digital scanning system. Sensitive detectors pick up the x-rays and immediately transfer the image to our computers and to the screen in front of you. This uses about 80% less radiation than the traditional method.

These x-ray images are accurate and convenient. We can quickly zoom in on an area to examine a potential challenge or to plan a procedure. Plus, your scans will be saved in our computers and can be quickly compared with new ones or transferred to another office.

4. Dental Laser

A laser is a concentrated beam of light that can perform physical tasks. When we use a dental laser, we can often perform services without physically touching a tooth or tissue, which would have required a scalpel in the past.

A laser can:

  • Painlessly free a tongue-tie in a child.
  • Reshape the gumline.
  • Stop a sore from breaking out.
  • Harden a dental filling.
  • Finish a teeth whitening session more quickly.
  • Shave off a precise piece of a damaged tooth.
  • Comfortably eliminate gum bacteria, stimulating new gum tissue growth.

Lasers often cause very little discomfort. They’re also sterile, being only light, and often require the use of fewer stitches after a procedure.

5. Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT)

Our CBCT machine is an advanced form of x-ray scanner, which will scan your teeth, jaws, and tissues from multiple angles.

This will build a 3D digital model of the whole area. That means we can accurately plan ahead for services like dental implants—almost like we have already been inside your dental structures before the treatment begins. It can also help us identify diseases and challenges, which we can then treat as early as possible.

Experience Advanced Technology

Dentistry is moving forward. We are excited to share cutting-edge technology with you in order to make your services more comfortable, convenient, fast, and beneficial. If you’re in the area of Drexel Hill, PA, call us to make an appointment.