No Dental Fears

We all know that fear of the dentist isn’t uncommon. In fact, it is estimated that nearly 7% of adults in the US experience some amount of fear with going to the dentist. Out of that percentage, about 5-10% of those people have a strong enough fear to be considered sufferers of dental phobia. There can be many reasons for the phobia. For some people the anxiety may be from a bad dental experience in the past, and for others maybe it’s been a while since they have been to the dentist and they’re scared of what the dentist might say. But there is always a way for our dentists and team to help with your fears and lessen the tension!

Because the fear of the dentist is so common, here at Timeless Smiles, we wanted to suggest a few tips for new and current patients who may have dental anxiety.


  • Work on relaxing! Learning how to breathe and relax in stressful situations will help reduce your anxiety level. Maybe even try out one of those meditation apps on your phone. We also offer TV to our patients with headphones to help keep your mind off things!
  • Honesty is key! Always talk to us about how your feeling. Let us know about your fear – why you have it, how long you’ve had it, and how ifs affected your dental care. The more you open up to us, the more we can help you and alleviate your fears.
  • You don’t have to come alone! Sometimes we all need a little support from our friends. You are more than welcome to bring someone with you! Even if it’s just a ride to our office, its one less thing you have to be worried about the day of your appointment!
  • Always ask questions! Remember there is no such thing as a “stupid question”. If there is anything you would to know please ask us! Whether it’s about your treatment, a procedure, oral hygiene or even the equipment/materials we use. ASK AWAY! We love educating our patients!
  • Communicate! Our dentists here will always look for non verbal communication signs, so that if you wanted us to stop quickly, we usually have patients raise their left hand to give them a break!
  • Take 5! We allow our patients to always take a break at any time during their appointment. Even if it makes the appointment a little longer we’d much rather our patients take a second to calm down and regain composure.


Remember, we are not here to judge you. Even if it’s been a long time since your last dental visit we still encourage you to come in. The longer you go the more severe potential problems may become. Our job is to treat you with respect, make you feel comfortable, and to provide you with the best possible dental care