Our COVID-19 Safety Protocols at Timeless Smiles

During these uncertain times, keeping up with your regular dental visits is just as important as ever! Here at Timeless Smiles, we know how many changes this last year has brought, so we want to do our part to help you feel safe as you get back to your normal dental checkup routine. 

Updated Patient Safety Procedures

To help you feel safe and clean in our office, we’ve implemented the following safety and sanitization protocols for your appointment:

Reduced Occupancy | We’ve reduced our waiting room capacity to ensure everyone has plenty of space to social distance while they wait for their appointment time. This also helps keep our total capacity at a safe low number so our patients only have to interact with the doctors and staff—and not with other patients whenever possible.

Distanced Check-In | When you come to our Timeless Smiles office for an appointment, we’ll have you call before you come inside. This way we can keep our waiting room capacity down, and we can make sure everything is completely sanitized and ready for you before you walk in.

Temperature Check | We also take the temperatures of every patient entering our office, so we can do our best to make sure everyone coming into the office is always healthy. 

Hygienic Rinse | At the start of your appointment, we have each of our patients rinse with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to kill any disease spreading bacteria and viruses in the mouth. 

This is the oral equivalent to washing and sanitizing your hands before the appointment. It adds an extra cleansing step to your teeth and gums, and it helps our hygienists and doctors stay safe when we do our closer inspection of your mouth.

Extended Appointment Times | This is all in addition to giving each patient longer appointment times so we can be sure to have enough time to address every problem and question while you are in our office. That way, if problems arise—such as needing a quick filling—we can address it in the same appointment without you having to come back in for a follow up. 

On the other hand, if your checkup looks great, we’ve given plenty of extra time to answer all your questions, discuss future smile goals, and make sure everything gets sanitized and washed down before the next patient.

Quality Technology and Tools to Keep Us All Safe

Besides updating our office protocols, we’ve also updated our office technology to make sure your experience at Timeless Smiles is safe and pleasant.

Top Quality PPE | Each member of our team is equipped with the highest quality of personal protective equipment—or PPE. This includes quality masks, face shields, gloves, and other heavier safety equipment for bigger procedures. We’re doing our part to keep everyone in our office safe—including our own team. 

HEPA Filters | We’ve added HEPA air filters to every operatory and patient area in our office. These filters help the air flow stay nice and clean to reduce the spread of bacteria from one operatory to another during appointments.

PulseOX | For an added safety measure, we also have a pulse oximeter that can easily measure the amount of oxygen in your blood at any time. Though we don’t need to use this for every patient check-in, this useful machine can help us monitor you during any longer treatment you need, so we can do our part to monitor your health and keep you safe.

Call Today to Schedule Your Next Appointment With Our Timeless Smiles Team!

As we all start to get back to our normal routines, we want you to feel comfortable and safe as you add your dental checkups back into that schedule.

Remember that taking care of your dental health is just as important as taking care of the rest of your body. Good dental health can promote better overall health, but bad dental health can lead to oral infections that spread and affect your whole body—we want to prevent that from happening!

Our doctors and staff here at Timeless Smiles are doing all that we can to make our office a safe, healthy, and friendly environment to come for dental care during this time. Call us today to schedule an appointment at our Drexel Hill, PA, office!