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It amazes us here at our Drexel Hill, PA office to find out how little research some patients put into their dental implant provider. In fact, people tend to put more research into where they’re going to each lunch for the day than they do into the doctor who will be placing their dental implants. Unfortunately, not all dental implant providers are equal in terms of training, skill, and experience. If you are looking for only the best dental implant results, it is important that you do the research required to ensure that you choose to work with the most qualified dental implant dentist. In order to make sure you are working with the best dentist for your needs, there are some questions you should ask before agreeing to undergo treatment with your prospective implant provider. We encourage you to read on to learn more.

What Kind Of Certification Does Your Dentist Have?

There are many different associations and training programs that are associated with dental implants. These programs and organizations have earned a reputation for training dental implant providers that can be trusted and relied upon. Some programs, on the other hand, simply have their dentists placing implants in plastic models for a weekend before sending them out into the world to provide implants. Naturally, you’re going to want to work with the dentist who participated in a more rigorous implant program.

Dr. Barry Cohen is a Diplomate in an organization called the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. This is a prestigious association of dentists, and, in order to reach Diplomate status, the dentist must meet some very strict requirements, as well as pass a comprehensive examination, proving that they are capable of providing quality dental implant restorations.

How Long Has Your Prospective Implant Provider Been Placing Dental Implants?

It is only natural that a dentist who has only been providing dental implants for a couple of years will not have near the amount of experience as one who has been providing them for ten or more years. If you are looking to accomplish the best dental implant results, you are going to want to work with a dentist that has the experience required to make your smile goals a reality.

Dr. Barry Cohen has been placing dental implants for over 15 years now, and has been restoring them for over 30 years. Having practiced for so long, he has a unique base of experience and accumulated knowledge, which allows them to achieve only the best implant results.

Does Your Dentist Participate In Implant-Related Continuing Education Courses?

Dental implant technology is constantly evolving, and it seems like new equipment and techniques are being introduced every day. In order to stay knowledgeable of all aspects of dental implants, it is important that dentists participate in continuing education courses.

Dr. Cohen is sure to attend numerous hours of continuing education every year, and not just in dental implant treatment. He also attends classes in all aspects of dentistry, allowing him to stay up to date in whatever treatments you may require. In addition to participating in continuing education courses, Dr. Cohen works as the Continuing Education Director for the Chester County and Delaware County Dental Society, and has also worked in the same position for the American Dental Association.

Will Your Dental Implant Provider Examine Your Oral Health Before Placing Implants?

Unfortunately, dental implants are not the best tooth restoration treatment for every patient who walks through our doors. That said, in order to find out if a patient qualifies for this treatment, a doctor must first examine the patient’s oral health. If your potential implant provider skips this step and chooses to let you have your implants placed without any kind of examination, it would be best to find a different implant dentist.

Before Dr. Cohen agrees to place implants in a patient, he conducts a thorough examination of the patient’s oral health. During this examination, the doctor will check to make sure that the patient’s oral health is prepared for implants. This means checking to make sure they are free of conditions such as tooth decay, gum disease, and jawbone deterioration.

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