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General & Family Dentistry

Dr. Cohen has one overarching goal: to create a dental environment that will leave you feeling listened to, cared for, and comfortable, while also keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

In the interest of achieving this goal, we cultivate a welcoming and professional office environment at Timeless Smiles.

1. We take each patient not as a name on a chart or a set of numbers, but as a whole individual. We get to know you, and not just your teeth. Every treatment and service will be customized specifically for you.

2. Our office gives you options. Whether you’re missing a tooth, or just need a checkup, you can choose your treatment pathway. There is more than one way to do just about everything, and we’ll be right next to you the entire time to guide you through those choices.

3. The quality of our service is always five stars. Between offering state-of-the-art technology, thoroughly training our staff, and accumulating years of experience, Timeless Smiles is a spectacular choice for all of your dental needs.

4 We promote loyalty in both our staff and our customers. Many of our patients have been coming to us for years. Our office will stick with you and give you plenty of reasons to stick with us.

Family Dentistry

Finding a place to get dental work done for your kids can be more of a burden than the dental work itself. Worry no longer! Timeless Smiles welcomes entire families. We are a practice that people trust, and that trust extends to your kids.

The dentist can be a scary place, especially when you’re small. Here, we provide a warm, friendly environment and the best professionalism a dental team can offer in order to help them feel safe and confident.

Get your whole family’s dentistry needs covered in one convenient location.

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